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Hi, my name is Chris and I think I might have a problem with desk setups.

Over the past 8 years I’ve continually attempted to build the ideal work station. Paying attention to factors such as ergonomics, the influence of light, noise, temperature, wall art and biophilic design – it’s a constantly evolving project.

Combine this with a genuine interest in tech and we’re presented with an almost unending combination of variables that can be tweaked or built upon to make the optimal small office workspace.

Subsequently Pico Office, was formed to document this quest to improve mood, productivity and performance in the work from home space. 

My Own Small Office Setups

My own desk setup has improved drastically after beginning to pay attention to how the environment within which you work can really make a difference to wellbeing and productivity.

An important combination if you work remotely, need a study spot, or run your own business from home.

After all who wouldn’t want their day to become more enjoyable…. or at least less stressful.

The evolution of my own home office

Striving towards the perfect productivity set-up (and somewhat to my determent) I even formed a company that designed, built and sold a whole range of modular desktop furniture. Our unique selling point was in-built floating plant pots that made incorporating houseplants to your workspace easy.

Houseplants, as you can see above and below, are a common theme in all my setups. In part for aesthetic reasons but mostly because of the benefits they bring to offices.

The desktop furniture range included interconnecting monitor stands and desktop shelves

Helped by a few magazine features the monitor stands did sell fairly well.

However it quickly became apparent that to create custom units to a degree that made the enterprise profitable was a full-time job in itself, and working till 01:00 in the garden workshop each night wasn’t a strategy that fitted well with my F/T work patterns as an environmental manager (nor did it endear me to the neighbours!).

Thus, although we originally intended to use this blog to promote our monitor stands, it evolved into something else entirely when we all found ourselves working from home in recent years. 

Now, Pico Office is a fact-driven directory, infused with our passion and offered to the world to make life as a home-working professional easier and more enjoyable!

The 2022 home office configuration includes a mechanical keyboard and an extra large merino wool desk mat

Thanks for stopping by!

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