3 Great Sets Of Rollerblade Wheels For Office Chairs

Traditional nylon casters are usually a standard feature on an office chair because they are hard wearing and durable. However, they do have their downsides and can cause issues such as pulled threads or damage when used upon long carpet or hardwood flooring respectively.

On all types of flooring the impact of moving a heavy load (you or I sitting on a chair) in a confined space over and over again can cause long lasting damage unless protection is provided by a floor mat.

There is however a better option, and that’s the easy to fit rollerblade office chair wheels.

The advantages of using a caster that is a skate wheel design are that they reduce wear and tear caused to carpet and flooring, as well as make the chair easier and quieter to move around the office.

Rollerblade office chair wheels differ from nylon casters in that they are made from softer polyurethane, have a narrower point of contact with the ground and are typically taller in design. They’re just one of the design elements which make for an office chair that helps cope with sciatica. 

We switched our own standard nylon casters for Dr.Luck casters, and honestly wish we’d done so far sooner.

Rollerblade Wheels for Office Chairs
Our Pick
LIFELONG Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels
  • Makes the chair easy to move across carpets and rugs
  • The polyurethane is far quieter when moving around on hard surfaces
  • Less impactful on wooden floors + carpet
  • Can take a load capacity of up to 440lbs (200kg)
Budget Pick
TICONN Office Chair Caster Wheels
  • Eliminates risk of chair wheels marking or scratching wooden floors
  • Easy travel across deep pile carpet
  • Can take a load capacity of up to 660lbs (300kg)
Also Great
LONGADS IKEA Chair Compatible Casters
  • Direct swap for IKEA chair casters
  • Made from non-marking polyurethane
  • Incredibly easy to install

What size caster does your office chair use?

The size of office chair casters are measured and described by the dimensions of their stem. This is the part of the caster that attaches it to frame of the chair.

The most common sized stem found on chairs is 7/16″ in width by 7/8″. 

If you own an IKEA office chair the stem on the casters are always 3/8″ (10mm) in width. Check the stem dimensions on the listing before purchasing as replacement IKEA casters are a little more hard to come by.

If you’re unsure what sized casters your office chair uses you can easily pop one out and measure it up by following the diagram below.

How are office chair casters measured?

Our Pick – LIFELONG Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels

LIFELONG Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels
  • THE LAST OFFICE CHAIR WHEELS YOU'LL NEED Not all caster wheels are created equal. Our heavy-duty chair wheels are made from industrial-grade steel, precision ball bearings, and durable polyurethane chair casters.
  • DESK CHAIR MAT WILL NOT BE NEEDED ANYMORE Our desk chair wheels replacement will NEVER scratch, smudge or damage your floors. 
  • REPLACEMENT FOR MOST OFFICE CHAIRS Rest assured that our office chair wheels are compatible with almost any rolling chair
  • SMOOTH GLIDING IS AS QUIET AS A MOUSE A squeaky, rickety office chair wheel is a telltale sign that theyre cheap and poorly made. Youll slide and glide around in total silence with our swivel casters
  • YOUR TOTAL SATISFACTION IS OUR #1 PRIORITY We put considerable effort into ensuring we created the best desk chair wheels on the planet. 

If your carpet is anything other than low profile it can become a bit of an effort to move any chair around on traditional nylon casters. 

This is because the nylon design retains a large surface area in contact with the ground that creates resistance when you want to roll. You’ll still be able to move the chair but….. it’s awkward, and brings none of the pleasure obtained when gliding freely whilst sitting down.

The ball bearings in skate style wheels combined with polyurethane make moving a chair on carpet far easier, and quieter. 

Our own Amazon Basics chair was retrofitted with a set of LIFELONG wheels recently and we’re now enjoying the freedom of movement so much now we’re starting to feel a little silly that the switch to skate casters wasn’t made a long time ago.

We Like
Heavy-duty construction
Smooth gliding and silent rolling
Easy clean thanks to a removable nut holding the wheel in place
Non obtrusive branding creates a sleek design
We Don’t Like
The wheel don’t have a brake lever which means on hardwood floors your chair might move drift with the slightest of force

Budget Pick – TICONN Office Chair Caster Wheels

TICONN Office Chair Caster Wheels
  • [Universal & Premium] Designed for universal compatibility - offers a direct replacement solution for almost any rolling chair with standard stem. 
  • [Quiet & Smooth] Designed to every detail, and built with tight tolerances. Aiming to achieve boundary and gap free rolling experience
  • [Everywhere & Whenever] With the added rubbery touch, feel free to rock on any surfaces even during the quietest moment. 

Having researched the market before buying our own set, we’ve found there isn’t a gigantic difference between the design of Premium skate wheel casters and Budget ones such as the TICONN wheels.

In fact, in spite of the low cost, the TICONN wheels are so well constructed they’re actually rated as being able to support the most weight out of our three test sets.  

Minimalist in design with smooth ball bearings, these wheels will hold secure and steadfast for as many glides and spins as you can stomach. If not, take them up on their offer of a money-back guarantee or a replacement set.  

We Like
Cost less than a protective floor mat
Capable of supporting heavy weights (650lbs or 300kg)
We Don’t Like
The lower cost components begin to be exposed on the clarity of loud vocals.

Also Great – LONGADS IKEA Chair Compatible Casters

LONGADS IKEA Chair Compatible Casters
  • PROTECT FLOORS - Chair wheels soft polyurethane material increases the grip of the floor without leaving scratches on the floor. 
  • CONVENIENT INSTALLATION - Office chair wheels upgrade technology
  • STABLE AND QUIET - The wheels of office chairs are smoother than plastic wheels.
  • STRONG AND STURDY -  Industrial solid steel bars and wheel frames to make the wheels stronger. 

IKEA might be the first place you think about when it comes to office chairs. It certainly was when we were shopping around for a new addition to the home office.

Whilst rightfully popular, having built a reputation on  safe and reliable furniture, the aftermarket upgrades available for IKEA products are few and far between.

For office chairs, this means IKEA chairs cannot be retrofitted with the majority of skate wheel casters on the market. Chiefly because the caster stem width on IKEA chairs is a unique design.

Fortunately, LONGADS have cottoned onto a gap in the market and made a well reviewed set that have the exact dimensions needed to slot right into an IKEA office chair frame. 


We Like
Designed to match for IKEA chair casters
Made from non-marking polyurethene.
We Don’t Like
Simply that if you don’t own an IKEA chair, these guys are of no use

Round up

With so many office upgrades based around tech these days it’s refreshing to know that a simple low cost  solution exists to make your working day that bit easier. 

The money you save by not needing to buy a chair mat  can instead be used to pick up a long lasting set of rollerblade office chair wheels that are fitted from box to chair in less than a few minutes, reduce noise, and protect whatever your floor surface may be.

Plus, gliding around effortlessly on skate wheel casters is just a great way to spend the working day!


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