Are Gaming Keyboards Good For Typing Tasks?

Gaming keyboards are ultimately designed for fast functionality, comfort and endurance, all of which are essential when you’re deep into a game that has been ongoing for hours.

Fortunately, these very same design features end up performing pretty well when a keyboard is transferred across for use during typing tasks. 

To many people’s surprise, the mechanical keys, ergonomics and multimedia short cuts that feature so often on gaming keyboards are not only amazing for e-sports, but also ideal for typing!  

In this article we explore why gaming keyboards, such as the Logitech G613, are also really good for productivity and typing tasks, as well as highlight what to look for when purchasing a keyboard that you intend to use for both work and play. 

If instead you want to learn how to make your mechanical keyboard quieter in advance of using it in an office, our DIY guide contains some helpful tips on what you can do to reduce the noise levels of switches and stabilizers. 

Why are gaming keyboards good for typing?


Generally, people who spend a lot of time typing  prefer mechanical keyboards because their keys are easy to select, press and they provide tactile feedback.

Gaming keyboards are normally mechanical in style and so have physical spring loaded switches under every individual key, rather than the rubber pad that sits beneath membrane keyboards (so commonly found on laptops).

The feel of physically pressing each key is crucial during gaming sessions to prevent missing a beat during fast paced exchanges, whilst the same motion makes it much easier to note a key has been depressed when typing and thus reduces the likelihood of a mistype or missing a letter. 

This is in contrast to the soft rubber switches that are present upon membrane keyboards (rarely found in the gaming world) which can be spongy and very quiet.


Most gaming keyboards nowadays will come with some form of ergonomic consideration built in, be that a wrist rest, adjustable height or another feature that allows you to be at your keyboard for long periods without experiencing aches or strains in wrists, hands or fingers. 

Using a keyboard that supports the natural placement of your wrists is incredibly important for typing to prevent the onset of RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Hard wearing

By and large, gaming keyboards are made to be robust and hard-wearing, as most gamers end up striking them pretty hard in the middle of an intense game!

Whilst we sincerely hope you’re not hammering out each and every e-mail during the working day, at least by using a gaming keyboard to type you’ll know that the build quality  will stand the test of time in a calmer typing role. 

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The pros and cons of using gaming keyboards for typing tasks 


  • Mechanical keys increase typing accuracy
  • Mechanical keys help reduce fatigue when typing and fend off RSI + CTS
  • In-built lighting can be used to increase focus
  • Have the ability for appearance to be customised
  • Robust build quality


  • Mechanical keys can be noisy if the switches are clicky (vs quieter linear or tactile)
  • RGB lighting (if present) may require to be switched off if working in an office

Keys and Switches: A feature that crosses over well from gaming to typing tasks is that mechanical keys tend to require a low actuation force and so don’t need excessive force to be pushed down properly. 

When a keyboard has fairly sticky or heavy keys, this can ultimately slow down your typing, and also increase the risk of a repetitive strain injury. 

Layout: In terms of when a gaming keyboard might not be suitable for typing, some gaming keyboards have special keys or layouts that are designed specifically for gaming (vs DVORAK keyboards which are specifically designed for fast efficient typing).

These might get in the way of regular typing, or make regular typing more awkward as the layout of keys isn’t typical for a typist. 

Appearance: Finally, a superficial feature in that a good keyboard for typing is also one that makes you happy to work!

Gaming keyboards have the ability to be modified in a number of ways including sound deadening, keycap appearance and switch type. 

On most gaming keyboards in-built RGB lighting can be customised to emit a color of light that encourages focus, and inspires you to work more focussed. 

Final thoughts

Gaming keyboards are known for their use of lights and sound to enhance game play, but they can also be a great tool for typing too!

Mainly due to being specifically designed to help reduce hand strain while also increasing accuracy when it comes to keystrokes.

So, if you’re looking for a keyboard that will make typing easy and comfortable with the least amount of stress on your hands then look no further than a gaming keyboard. 

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