The Best Monitor Arms For Heavy Monitors (Single + Dual Options)

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If you have a heavy monitor and want a clean desk setup, you’ll inevitably be searching for a safe and secure monitor arm to help you declutter at the same time as maneuver your screen with ease. 

However the specs of most monitor arms are dictated by mass market demands, and creates a bit of a problem for those of us with a heavy monitors. The vast majority of monitor arms just cannot handle the additional stress placed upon them by weights greater than 20lbs!

So we set aside an afternoon to do some research and gather together a few that can. Below you’ll find 6 of the best arms for securely holding heavy monitors. 

Our Pick
Loctek Monitor Mount Heavy Duty
  • Holds monitors up to 34lbs (15.4kg)
  • Dynamic positioning that is really fluid
  • Mic, headphone jack and USB port in the base plate
Also Great
Ergotron – LX Premium Monitor Arm
  • Holds monitors up to 25lbs (11.3kg)
  • For monitors up to 34″ in size
  • Attaches to desks up to 60mm thick
Budget Pick
North Bayou Heavy Duty Monitor Arm
  • Holds monitors up to 33lbs (15kg)
  • For monitors up to 42″ in size
  • Built in cable management system

How heavy are computer monitors?

Typically, smaller monitors of 21″ in size weigh around the 8lb (3.6kg) mark, whilst large ultrawide gaming monitors, such as the Samsung Odessey G9, can weigh up to 37lbs (16.7kg)!

For reference, the weights of a few popular monitors are captured in the table below.

Weight Of Popular Monitorslbskg
LG 32UK550-B22lbs10kg
BenQ PD3200U27.5lbs12.5kg
Dell U2719DX13.1lbs6kg

Our Pick – Loctek D7L Monitor Mount

Loctek Monitor Mount Heavy Duty
  • Arm easily adjusts to support an ergonomically correct workstation; sit more comfortably at your desk while reducing neck, eye and back strain, extend or retract monitor arm; rotate monitor to landscape or portrait mode
  • Choose the right mount: our D7L supports 13.2-33 lb monitors that are between 10-34; make sure your monitors VESA holes measure 100x100mm or 75x75mm
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum arm features a stylish anti-scratch surface.
  • Gas spring hovering system gracefully adjusts monitor height. Front-loading ports for audio, mic & USB 3.0
  • Durable hardware supports clamp or grommet hole installation. Cable management system organizes wires for a tidy desk

This monitor mount will make your work area more efficient and more comfortable. It’s rated with the greatest carrying capacity of our test group and can hold monitors that are up to 34 pounds in weight and 34 inches in size – clearing your desk space, and holding your monitor at an angle that won’t cause you to strain your eyes, neck or back. 

With the D7L you have complete control over your monitor position to promote the ideal posture. The tension at each of the arm section can be customised so you can extend or retract the monitor arm, tilt it 90 degrees up and 15 degrees down, or adjust the height up to a maximum of 21 inches. You can even rotate your monitor to 90 degrees, letting you choose between landscape or portrait orientation. 

The Loctek D7L is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which will resists scratches and looks very sleek and expensive. And thanks to its in-built cable management system, the typical tangle of wires is neatly organized and hidden away.

It comes with a clamp (for a desk edge) and grommet (for a hole through the desk), so you can install it straight out of the box. However Loctek reviews warn that the combined weight of the arm and monitor will require a desk thickness of at least 1 inch thick, or the monitor stand won’t be stable. Due to the stability needed to carry heavy monitors, it shouldn’t be installed on glass desks. 

We Like
High quality materials and construction can hold very heavy monitors, up to 33lbs
Front-loading ports in the base of the unit for audio, microphone and USB 3.0
Reputable brand
We Don’t Like
Since the height is controlled by a gas spring, lighter monitors (below 25 pounds) aren’t heavy enough to fully lower the unit

Also Great – Ergotron LX Monitor Arm

Ergotron – LX Premium Monitor Arm
  • Broad compatibility: Fits single screens up to 34 inches diagonal and 7 to 25 pounds; compatible with VESA patterns 75x75mm and 100x100mm
  • Versatile mounting options: Includes two-piece desk clamp and grommet mount to fit a variety of desk types; desk clamp attaches to desks 0.4 to 2.4 inches thick; grommet mount attaches through a surface hole to desks up to 2.25 inches thick
  • Improved comfort: Easily raise your monitor up to 17.3 inches above your worksurface with 13 inches of lift; find your best view for each project with 360 degrees of rotation and 75 degrees of tilt
  • Sleek and modular design: Designed with aesthetics in mind to enhance your workspace, built-in cable management creates a streamlined look; a suite of compatible accessories lets you customize your work or gaming space
  • Built to last: Extensive quality testing ensures your monitor stays stable and secure; Ergotron products set the standard for quality with a 10-year warranty and expert technical support

Able to carry monitors that weigh up to 25 pounds and are 34 inches wide it’s the sleek design which draws many to the Ergotron LX Monitor Arm.

Aside from ticking all the boxes you would hope for in terms of manoeuvrability, the LX has additional mounting pole options that allow you to raise the screen an additional 13 inches. A useful feature if you are working from a standing desk and wish your monitor to match your line of sight.

Wires and cables can be tucked inside to an in-built cable runner to maintain a clutter free appearance.

It’s rare to see a mounting arm in any color except black or industrial look polished aluminium. However  the Ergotron LX also comes in a classic white to suit all interior design styles, or even blend seamlessly against white walls to create the illusion of “floating screens.”

With a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on all LX range products, the LX monitor arm is built to last, and having passed a 10,000 cycle motion test this confidence in quality appears to be justified. Having garnered an average of 4.7/5 rating from nearly 4,000 Amazon reviews, which from spending hours researching is a rating that isn’t given out lightly!

We Like
Carries monitors weighing up to 25lbs (11.3kg)
Heavy duty metal work secures even weighty monitors
Reputable brand with 10 year warranty
We Don’t Like
Wire management casing is a bit fiddly to organise

Budget Pick – North Bayou Heavy Duty Monitor Arm

North Bayou Heavy Duty Monitor Arm
  • HEAVY DUTY COMPATIBLE: The monitor arm is suitable for mounting most HEAVY BIG screens 24"-42" in size and 4.4lbs to 33lbs (2-15KG) 
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Tilt angles +12 to -12, swivel angles 90 and 360 rotation,
  • STURDY & STABLE CONSTRUCTION: Arm stand with both c-clamp mounting and grommet mounting are available.
  • ERGONOMIC: Improve your overall well being by creating most comfortable viewing angle for work or gaming- Enjoy the freedom to adjust your monitor height and angle: Your spine, neck and shoulder will be thankful

The North Bayou is a bargain gas strut assisted arm that can be used for screens up to 42” and a load capacity of up to 33lbs (15 kg).

Its heavy duty build quality mean that even when burdened with a heavy load, a wide range of customisations remain on the table. For example a 23″ range of motion along the horizontal axis allows you to pull and push your monitor out of the way if you use a very large or deep desk as your workspace.

The main point of concern raised about the NB by verified consumers is that the plastic on gloss metal connection points used to customize the angle of tilt or rotation of the monitor does not create enough friction to hold the heaviest of screens stable.

A cheap rubber washer picked up from the plumbing supplies section of any hardware store has been shown to solve this problem, and allows the components to hold fast without slippage. A small inconvenience for obtaining a monitor arm that offers huge cost savings vs units with similar capabilities.

Another thing that you should be aware of before buying is that the dimensions of the VESA plate (118mm x 118mm) mean that it might be too large to fit onto some monitors that have a sleek recessed VESA attachment point.

We Like
Capable of supporting monitors between 24″ – 42″ in size
High quality metal components
Built-in cable management options
We Don’t Like
The unsightly yellow North Bayou logo against the black metal finish. This is just a sticker however and can be peeled off.
VESA plate that restricts compatibility with monitors that have a recessed VESA attachment
Additional modifications may be needed to prevent the heaviest of monitors from tilting downwards

Worthy Mention – AVLT Dual Monitor Arm

AVLT Dual Monitor Arm
  • Dual monitor desk mount fits most of flat/curved/ultrawide computer monitors up to 44lbs (20kg) each in weight with VESA 75x75mm / 100x100mm / 200x100mm / 200x200mm mounting holes.
  • SAVE VALUABLE SPACEHeavy-duty metal base only take up 6.5" x 4.3" (165mm x 110mm) desk surface. The c-clamp and grommet mounting options support up to 3.3" (85mm) desk thick.
  • Premium gas spring monitor arm assists height adjustment from 10" to 23" (255mm to 585mm), which passes 16,000-cycle motion test. 
  • Two USB 3.0 and AUX ports designed to easily connect to your OS. 
  • Raise two monitors to an ergonomic viewing height and work comfortably whether in a sitting or standing position. 

If you are building a dual screen gaming set up, the AVLT is worth two minutes of your time.

Able to hold two monitors up to 35″ in size and weigh up to 33 lbs each, this monitor arm makes good use of a heavy-duty steel and aluminium construction.

Even if it’s loaded with as much as 66 pounds, the AVLT is particularly noted for it’s lack of wobble or sag thanks to sturdy gas springs which have been put through their paces in a 16,000-cycle motion test.

With adjustable gas struts you can configure monitors into a landscape and portrait orientation, and adjust their position and angle incredibly easily. And if you want to lock screens it in place, it has a special bolt design that with a few twists can hold steady even the largest and bulkiest monitors.

All cables are neatly stored using the detachable cable management system, and you have the option to mount it either with a solid double C-clamp or grommet mounts.

We Like
Securely holds two screens each up to 33lbs in weight
The gas spring construction is particularly robust, and rated for at least a 16,000 cycle of motions
The USB 3.0 and the headphone/mic jacks at the base of the mount eliminates needs for extension cables and hubs
A silicone pad is included to prevent the clamp from scratching your desk
We Don’t Like
You need an 8” gap from the wall if you want the monitors to be touching each other and flush with the back edge of your desk. That can be an issue if you can’t move your desk
The cable management system is very neat and can only hold up to 3 wires


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